New Troubleshooting Tool and Process

Our Troubleshooting Guide is now available from the Help tab in Easel, not just from your unsuccessful carve page. It links to a collection of great support center articles to keep you carving with confidence. In addition we’ve implemented a new process where each case is now accepting pictures and video. Also our Customer Success team is reviewing each case and responding within 1 business day. Here’s an animated GIF of how it works. We hope to collect a very large number of pictures and videos to build a database of issues with real examples. The idea is by crowdsourcing actual issues we can organize them and make the experience better for everyone.


ooooooo nice I am sure that will help out new users for sure!!

Thanks @WorkinWoods I’m hoping that crowd sourcing the images and videos from people will improve the process.


let me know what you need I would love to contribute

We’re looking for examples of issues. Anyone (everyone) can upload images and video if they had an issue with a description. If you have some you can add them now. If you don’t then if you ever have an issue in the future please take a pic and or video and upload it with a description of the issue.

kinda something like this but better lol and with descriptions I think I under what you mean

I was just thinking pictures of what happened but yea any additional data is great. We’re going to use them to identify repeat issues and send them to the engineering team. We’re also going to use them to find examples that new people can review and understand by looking at the picture or watching the video how to fix their specific issue.