New update has messed up cutting with strange memory

I downloaded the new update and it is causing havoc.

The first picture shows an design with a center line cut out. The second shows I remove the center lines and save as a new copy. The third shows what it looks like on the material with the detailed view.

Video shows how it begins cutting the straight lines still

But when I go to cut the new version it still trys to cut in the center lines. I cannot get it to stop. I need a solution, can someone explain why suddenly this is happening? Everything was fine before the update.




Turned out to be the gshield, actually 3 gshields the first one smoked after about a year of use, second new gshield had no Y, third new gshield had no X 4th gshield board was a charm, sort of after losing several hours. Who would have guessed, good thing I happened to have 4 gshields