New updated driver

After a new driver install on my computer, every time I turn on the x carve I have to set my machine up to home it. Never had to do it before. Anyone else have this issue or a fix?

Do you have homing switches installed? They are very useful so a change in your workflow may benefit you :slight_smile:

If you want to revert back simply disable homing by changing $22=0
With $22=1 the controller start in an alarm state, which is cleared by sending $H. The purpose is to sync machine space with model space. When they, are consistent work zero/parking space (G28/G30) etc are possible.

I think @JeffStrauser is saying that he has to run the machine setup each time. I’ve seen that reported before. Maybe a browser cache issue?

Yes that is what I’m saying. Kinda frustrating

What operating system? Browser?

I forget what Windows, pretty sure not 10 but I’ll have to look when I get home. Goggle chrome.