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I bought a 2015 100mm Xcarve this past weekend. It has the upgraded steppers but still retains the original spindle and controller. What is the advantage to upgrading to the new X-Controller Kit? What am I gaining over the original controller? I really would like to upgrade the spindle to the Dewalt 611 because the original isn’t going to meet my needs. I’m just trying to decide where to spend money first. I’m planning on using it for instrument building and would like to get it up and running soon as I have orders to fill and would love to get a couple out the door before spending more on upgrades.

I only ever owned the 2016 model so I can’t comment on the weaknesses of the pre 2016 model but judging the comments I’ve read about it over the years it looks like your best bets are with the Single Piece X-Rail Upgrade and a Spindle ( + mounting adapter ) of your choice - Those two should probably go hand in hand.

Once that’s done the next thing could be the X-Controller if you want Quality of Life features like a relay controlled Spindle or automated Mist/Flood Cooling - Once you go Lasers for stuff like branding or maybe layout marking you’ll probably have to use an X-Controller but someone else might want to correct me on that.

I picked up a older one also and I’ve upgraded to the new mount/x axis/steel belts. I still have the small controller and I’ve been cutting non stop and aluminum pieces. I think having the x controller soon will help with better controlling of everything and having the option of pausing if I have to step out. I’d say invest in the x axis upgrade and anything that will make the cutting better for times and no flexing/chatter problems. My next upgrade is the z axis since the stock z axis is not working for what I’m pushing it to do.

If you want an easy controller, go Xcontroller. If you want a cheap and basically the same controller, search here for Demon CNC and make that controller.

And a controller is necessary. You’re severely underpowering all the steppers and you can’t drive them due to the Gshield shared Y design and the tendendcy for going into thermal shutdown.

Save headaches, change the controller.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to start with the 611 router setup and wide X slide. About the time I get those parts in and assembled then I will go for the X controller.