New user needs alot of help!

Is there some tutorial for easel? the videos that are in the learn section don’t really give detail on how to do things. How do you figure out how to cut out shapes, make a sign, etc. I’ve carved a few things but feel I’m wasting time.

SethCNC on youtube.

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There’s a lot more on YouTube, my stuff is mostly kinda advanced projects, lesser known tricks and tips sorta things.

PawPaws Workshop has a bunch of good intro level tutorials using Easel though.

And a friend James from James Dean Designs has been mixing in some good Easel step by step projects.

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Where do you find a user manual for easel. I dont want to search thru someones you tube channel to find a video to explain one thing and then search a bunch of videos to explain something else

There is no manual, there are FAQ pages found by clicking “support” at the top of this page and there is the inventables youtube channel and the channels of others… there is no manual for using Easel.

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