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New Ver. Bug with 0 point in center

Found that Easel had a new version… a member called me… he was having problems with using … 0 point in center of object…
When you run the simulation, before it only “cut” the displayed wood in preview, but showed the entire tool path for that project.
Now, when I run the simulation, it will only show the tool paths on the preview material, not out in the air.
Also, now, when he tried to cut it. It only cuts that 1/4 that is visible in the preview, not the entire project.

This is a known issue if you are using the Tiling feature. Are you using the tiling feature by chance?

Otherwise, Easel still seems to be generating toolpaths in what would be Quadrant II, III, and IV as it has always done. At least it is working for me…


Brandon Parker