New Video: How to Make a Keepsake Box

I uploaded a new video on how to make a box. I used Easel to carve the letters and using a multi-level carve, I carved a raised heart and a groove in the lid. This was done in one step. Two stage carve was not necessary.
YouTube Channel: Paw Paw’s Workshop


Another nice job.

Thanks, my grandson asked me last night if I could do this for him. He said he needed it quickly for a surprise for his girlfriend. Th xcarve did very well with groove in the lid. Measurements were right on.

What did you think of this quick video format?

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For me it was fine Phillip but i build furniture daily so i pretty much know the ends and outs. The basics were there for anyone that knows anything about there x carve so i think it was short and sweet and could also give someone a good idea on what to make.

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That’s cool. I did not know you were a furniture maker. Awesome!

No pro but i make a living at it.

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