New Video: Setup and Carve Using Easel

I uploaded a video that was requested on how I setup the X Carve and in a project. I know that there are many ways to to this setup. This is how I do it and I hope that it may help some of the new owners get started that are new to the CNC world. I know that I would have loved to see videos of how the machine works.
YouTube Channel:


If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Just got around to watching both your new vidios last night. Good job nice presentation. I will probably turn the tv on next week and you will be on there doing the news. LOL!!!

Thanks. I working on one now on epoxy inlays. Should be ready in a couple of days


This is awesome. Thanks for posting.

Trying to give back. I remember when I first started I knew nothing about the CNC world. My YouTube Channel has a whole playlist on XCarve and Easel and will continue to grow. Only started this two weeks ago. I knew absolutely nothing about videos and editing when I started. It’s a fun learning experience that I hope to grow and give people on the forum a place to see videos and learn. Thank you for your kind words


That’s awesome Phillip! I really appreciate you leading by example here. Well done.