New vise on Xc

Just received my new Irwin vise from Amazon I bought just to see if it would work on the xc. Engraving coasters at the moment. Works well.

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Also my Xc is completely stock so no z upgrades or anything. Maybe a couple mm’ s of clearance to play with. But does work well

I’m assuming you’ll need to get familiar with a dial indicator to get that flat each time :slight_smile:

I have a block I milled flat and checked to use under to keep flat. Checks within .01mm flat each time now

That’s a great idea, as long as the stock doesn’t change size too much from the block, should work great. I use a similar slide vise in my drill press. For something with a fixed size, it’s probably the way to go, and you can always increase your z height with brackets in the future.

Raising the z is in my future upgrade wish list for sure. Makes quick of the work that’s for sure. Just in and out. One set of coasters covers the cost of the vise

Let’s just hope you don’t break a belt or skip steps, or otherwise miscalculate and send your cutter into those steel jaws. That would be a fun show for sure.

I agree haha. Any real machinist has their hand on the big red button lol just messing. There is always risk I suppose

Cool, except the design on the far coaster is kind of hideous. No worries though, nobody’s perfect :slight_smile:

Sorry, couldn’t resist.



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Thanks. Dang auto correct lol

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