New Wasteboard Build

Good evening y’all (or morning),

I am getting ready to upgrade my x carve with some goodies from tbdcnc. Since I am doing that I decided to upgrade my waste board as well. I have seen several videos of users using strips of MDF and t track. So, I have a few questions for ya.

  1. Here is my initial attack plan.

Slide 1 - 7 X 2.25" strips of MDF and 8 t-tracks.
Slide 2 - 5 X 3.4" strips of MDF and 6 t-tracks.

What are your thoughts on the available clamping area vs. firm waste board surface area. (I am leaning towards slide 2)

Question 2. - I have seen some do as I have set up and carve out the 3/4 area for the track and others will cut individual strips and place the track between. My plan is a mix of the options I have seen online and involves only carving enought out for the track to be flush with the top of the waste board (maybe a smidge below) and when it comes time to resurface I can remove the tracks and run the program. I am sure there are many flaws in my thinking and I just need some of y’all to lead me in the right direction… How far off base am I?

Question 3. - How do you get the holes so nicely centered for the bolts to attach to the original board. I have tried the equal spacing app and am not having much luck. What are the actual measurements for the screw hole distances.

Sorry for the long read but thanks for the help :), Drew

The holes on the Wast Board are 75mm apart, I got the file from the Inventables website for when I need a new waste board.

I’m also upgrading and needing a new washboard. I was planning on using t-track, but lately I’ve been concerned that it might pull up when clamping material. Has anyone had trouble with the t-track not being anchored strongly enough to the lower board? Hopefully I’m worried about something that never happens.

Richard - I have seen some videos where they mention that concern and use epoxy to glue the track down instead of using screws.

Thank you Russell for the measurements!! They were very helpful. :slight_smile:

So with the thought of adding the screw holes I adjusted my plans a little bit.

Check out slide #3

Any new thoughts or pitfalls I may be running into?

Any suggestions about the best place to get T-track? I was thinking of going with this:
I know Bangood also sells T-Track:
The Orange Aluminum and Bangood have different dimensions, and I’m not sure which would work best. I didn’t see any on the inventables site.

I am planning on using Rocklers T-track

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You’re welcome Andrew,
I don’t have any thoughts on a new waste board, I’m still using the one that came with the XCarve.
If I ever upgrade my Z axis I will be looking for something. So far I like the clamping system that
the XCarve uses.
What I thought about doing is getting 1/2’ MDF and cut it to 31" X 31" and drill the holes using the XCarve.
Then line up the holes with the original waste board and still use the clamping system that I got with
the XCarve.
Keep us informed on what you do, I’m still looking at ideas.
I like the Rockler T tracks
If I were to use the T-Tracks I would carve out a 3/4" slot and use insert them in the MDF.

You could always make one out of Aluminum like JanVanderlinden.
JanVanderlinden I copied a picture form another forum discussion, I hope you don’t mind.
I though about making one out of aluminum, it would be nice and straight.


I don’t mind at all.
If someone is considering an aluminum bed, look for either MIC6 or ATP5 fixture plate.
They are the same except ATP5 is a bit cheaper.
All the threaded holes are on 1" centers.

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