New wasteboard? Resurfacing and installation help?

Hello. I have a 1000 version of the xcarve which I bought brand new late 2020. I also have the full upgrade kit done by inventables.

I like the new wasteboard design but wanted to know if there was installation instructions for the full replacement of it?

And also, could I just install it on top of the current wasteboard and then resurface? I would only be sacrificing a little bit of carve depth.

And last….I have never resurfaced the wasteboard ever. What bit? Cut file? Tips or tricks?

Thanks guys.

It would probably be best to remove the old one; otherwise, you will lose some Z cutting height. It might benefit you to purchase some extra extrusions to go in the bottom. I did that on my original machine and never had any MDF sagging issues up to the day when I upgraded the entire machine to a larger size and aluminum base for the t-track & wasteboard.

Here’s the link to the upgraded wasteboard.

Here’s an image showing where the button for the installation instructions is located on that page.

Here is a link to the actual installation instructions.

I hope that helps!


Brandon R. Parker

It does help! Ordered the wasteboard kit, resurfacing bit and a few other parts.

You are ten minutes too late on me adding another extrusion or two to my order. Is that necessary?

And I will remove my old wasteboard for sure.

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I’ll just leave this link here, for when you need to make replacement MDF slats once the included ones take enough wear and tear.

It is not necessary, but I over-engineer everything…

Surfacing the wasteboard when it starts needing it should suffice for preventing any issue due to cupping/bowing unless you live in the jungle or Alabama (my home state… :wink: ).


Brandon Parker

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The note I think about it, I wouldn’t mind adding an extra extrusion or two under this.

No rush to put new wasteboard on anyway.

Would I get the 958mm size? I don’t have mine apart to measure but I imagine that is it.

Also I imagine two of these each per extrusion ?

A few of these nuts M5 for those corner brackets?

And lastly I don’t see that they sell the M5 bolts? Obviously local hardware store for those.

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Here is the underside of mine when I was upgrading it.

You can also find all of the parts at other online retailers as well if you wanted to go that route. Even if the extrusion you buy is slightly too long, you can easily cut it with a miter saw (if you have one).


Brandon Parker

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I ordered 8 brackets, 20 t nuts, 20 bolts, and 2 958mm extrusions.

I also agree, I could easily cut them down depending on how I lay it out.

But I’m glad I ordered them, because I might as well make it sturdy and rigid now while I have it apart.

This will bring back memories of the 15-20 hours I had in building it! LOL

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How did you attach that aluminum base? I have a very local fab shop here I could get a pieced sheared perfectly.

And did you use inventables’ new wasteboard on top of that aluminum?

I ordered all my stuff from inventables. I like to support them.

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I used 40 screws that were countersunk into the aluminum base connecting to t-nuts in the extrusions below.

If you are looking to make an aluminum base, I would highly recommend Speedy Metals out of New Berline, WI. They were great to work with, fast, and cheaper (even with shipping) than any of the local metal sourcing companies here in Virginia.


Brandon Parker

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Very close friends with the one here….doesn’t get any cheaper than that lol

Ok I gotcha on the screws holes and t nuts. That had to be a pain to line up the t nuts for each screw like that.

And lastly….I don’t have the new wasteboard setup yet, but does it bolt to the top of that aluminum plate?

Yeah, I think my total cost for 1/4" plate 6061 for a 750 X-Carve was about $120 from Speedy Metals.

Magnets are your friends when moving around those types of t-nuts to align with holes.

My upgrade came before Inventables created their new wasteboard design, so the layout is different, but you could put holes in the aluminum anywhere you want to. Again, the aluminum base isn’t required, but I wanted to go that route several years ago.


Brandon Parker

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I just ordered a piece of quarter inch aluminum. I plan to layout and drill all holes myself once everything comes in. I’m pretty excited about it all.

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Also what length bolts worked out for you with the counter sunk holes? 8mm or 10mm length ?

According to my records, I used the M5 x 0.8 mm Thread, 12 mm long pack of 100. I will be headed out to the shop in the early morning Eastern time and will be able to confirm for sure.

As long as you countersink them just to the top of the aluminum or just below it everything should be perfectly fine. I remember, …I think…, wanting to ensure I had the entire bite on the t-nuts as well as making it easy to get the screw going into the t-nuts that would be sitting in the bottom of the channel.



So, 1/4" plate = 6.35 mm

6.35 mm + 4.4 mm + 1.8 mm = 12.55 mm

Since the total length of the screws is 12 mm, you should be fine if the countersinking is done well.

You would probably be perfectly fine with the 10 mm, to be honest.


Brandon Parker

Some before pictures….

Not exactly what you’re looking for, but here’s a video I did of installing and surfacing an MDF spoilboard onto my XCarve 10000

My favorite local fab shop has not even responded to me or given me a price in 5 weeks now. I called two other local shops today. My piece is 39 1/4” by 36 15/16”……1/4” 6061 aluminum is what I want.

The first shop quoted $935!!! The second $750. That’s local!

I called your speedy metals….$242 in stock and going to ship out tomorrow 3 day UPS. They could not have been nicer!

Thank you.