New wide extrusion here today!

Well it finally arrived and is now installed. I did not get to run the test I wanted to do for lack of a dial indicator and too excited to leave the machine to get one. But I can say that even with the steel plate mod you could still see flex although much less than with out the plate now I can nO longer detect flex on the x rail by sight alone and also a nice weight reduction. the only noticeable flex in the system is in the carriage and z assembly but that will be taken care of on a later date. The install was simple and took 21 minutes 15 if I did not fiddle around so much.

Ok needing help from others with unmodified and or steel plate mods to see if there is a difference at 2lbs and later check measurements with more weight at 1lb increments.


hopefully the x controller wont be long now!
I cant wait to hear the final word on the difference between the steel bar mod and the single piece extrusion. that’s the deciding factor that I’m waiting to hear.

Congratulations Shane. Everything sounds great. Can’t wait for more details.

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congragultaions! I was one of those people that was too quick on the trigger and moved to open rail - wanna trade? :0

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Sounds great! Still waiting on mine. :slight_smile:

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Total solid x and both y rail replacement took 2 and change hours.


Lol no but I have a nice downgrade I can trade you.

Later this week I plan on getting the dial indicator and do some load test. But after some more inspecting I would venture to say that if the carriage flex gets dealt with it could easily handle a bigger spindle motor.