New X-Carve Build Connection Issues

Hi guys. After reading this forum for over a year I purchased an X-Carve. I just completed the build and attempted to connect to the X-Controller with a MS Surface Pro running Win 10. No luck, tried Chrome, Edge an IE. Again no luck. Searched the forum for troubleshooting steps still nothing. I then tried my Macbook and went through the setup process installed driver and YEA it connects. X Y and Z all work as they should BUT then stopped and has not connected again. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

I myself had been on an odyssey for about 2 months now. After I did some upgrade to my pc and my xcarve the xcarve was randomly losing USB connection. There are a lot of thread here with similar problems, here a short overview of everything I did:

  • new wiring with double shielded wires
  • grounded the shielding of the wires
  • removed the power wire of DeWalt from drag chain
  • updated Windows drivers
  • externally powered USB hub between XController and PC
  • switch energy safe options to full power (=do not switch anything off)
  • switch USB energy safe mode to disabled (be careful here. It’s a separate option in the device manager for the USB root hub and not part of the general energy saving options)
  • removed the USB bulkhead from the XController und connected directly to the board using a mini USB cable
  • manually changed the baud rate of used COM port in Windows to 115xxx (was 9xxx)

One of the last three options did the trick (can’t say which, did them all at the same time).
One remark: generally not connecting doesn’t sound like exactly my problem (randomly stopping). Another thing to check is always the emergy stop button.

Thanks for the reply. I removed the local easel reset the PC went through setup again Still no go. Removed the local easel install and downgraded to the earliest version available on the inventables site. I now no longer get the “unrecognized USB error” and can hear the stepper motors click but nothing more.
On the Mac side I found a thread here that relates the problem to Apples own FTDI driver. I followed the steps outlined (one of these steps listed did not work) and got through the entire setup successfully but again never could connect successfully. Since the MacBook will sometimes connect it seems the controller and cable are OK. I’m going to go straight to the mini usb on the board today and see what happens.