New x-carve build no power?

finally got the power supply yesterday got it all wired up and ready to go about any hour ago plugged it in turned it on and nothing, no fans, no noise, no sign of life, nothing, please don’t tell me Ive got a dud power supply?

Did you try plugging into a different AC socket? Is there a switch on the AC socket?

Is the power supply switched to the correct voltage? Is the power supply plugged into a power bar and may have a tripped breaker?

yep tried that

yes and no, everything eles on that circuit is working fine and the power board light is on

I would check that the g-shield it seated all the way down onto the Arduino and that all of you wiring is correct and secure.

checked and double checked, its all good as far as i can tell

I’d give a call to Inventables support at this point.

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If you have a multimeter it is easy to check to see if there is any voltage on the power supply, if you don’t have a multi-meter now would be a great time to spend the $10 to get one.

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ok so I’m feeling pretty damn stupid, i hadn’t noticed the second power switch and was trying to turn it on with the spindle on/off switch. I’m gonna put this down to the 4 hours sleep in 48 hours and pretend it never happened lol