New X-Carve feedback

The new X-Carve has been out there for a bit and many of you have them up and running or have done upgrades on the old X-Carve.

Does anyone have any opinions or feedback yet?

I like the new X axis so much I used three of them.

And I may just order another before long.


I got the 1 piece X axis and agreed it helped tons! Probably going to do X Controller next and then maybe the probe.

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I could be wrong. But I think it’s cheaper to order it as a package vs 1 piece at a time.

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I bought the fully loaded X-Carve back in the summer (X-Carve 2015 with upgrades). Received it in September. Took me about about the weekend to get it completely set up.

The X-Controller is hands down worth every penny for those that are solder-challenged. :wink: Was very easy to put together and worked from the get-go (minor hitch on the Z probe settings but that was fixed with an update (thanks to @SteveWalker )

The wide X-axis does everything it was advertised to do. I don’t have anything prior to compare it with so not fair of me to say that its the best thing since sliced bread… but I am going to say it anyway!

The side board was not a major seller for me… however once I figured out that it can actually hide all the wires “under” the side board, well that justified it all for me.

and the Z probe is a great addition. It does exactly what it is designed to do…

The instructions were easy to follow and the forum provided reams of solid advice…

Overall @Zach_Kaplan the X-Carve is giving me exactly what I expected from the tool (and more so)


That’s great to hear! We have been selling a ton of them. I hope to get the chance to meet more customers in person and see their setups.

@CurtisCummings what do you mean you used 3 of them? Can you please explain what that means?

I’ll tag you in the post I put up.

Hey @Zach_Kaplan, I’m about to order an X-Carve from your UK reseller and have a quick question. I think I saw that some people had had a couple of QC issues and wondered whether Robosavvy would be doing the aftersales support (if required) or if it would be directly with you guys?

If there is an issue they can’t fix we will step in and fix it.

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nice, thanks

@ChrisRader did you have another mod before the new X-Carve wide gantry or did you have the original stock machine?

I had the original two pieces of maker slide for the x axis. 1000mm machine. Really helps with holding the Dewalt & Dust Shoe. I had some flex before, but now I have none! I do miss my X-Carve Decal on it though. Really debating on the X-Controller next with that sale promotion. Not interested in the side board upgrade though.

The X-Controller is killer. We can get you a new decal email support.

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That’s awesome! Email sent! Thanks!

My x-controller arrives tomorrow, but everything else arrived last friday…It’s all ready for the controller. It was fairly easy to assemble, had to reread and redo a few parts that I assembled because I either used the wrong side or wrong screws on a few parts. I’d say I put about 6 hours into assembly. I made my own wasteboard, It was $31 and I had enough to make a work bench for the x-carve, much better than $130+$$$ for shipping. Of course it isn’t as pretty.

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I built a RepRap 3D printer from scratch a year ago. A couple of months ago I got a laser cutter and am up to my eyeballs in orders already. Was hoping the X-Carve would round out the collection and take everything to the next level. However… (and I’m watching the warnings on the side, this is about software and systems, not people.)

The Easel “software” / website is amazingly useless. Is there not a way to drive this equipment from a graphics program? I’m willing to concede that there is more of a learning curve than I have given it a chance (for now). So tell me, how can I manually (through the software) move the spindle while it’s paused–say, ofr example, to retighten or move a clamp, pause, move Z/X/Y, adjust clamp, hit "continue and have the spindle return to its previous location and continue the cut?

That, it seems, would be a simple first-step. There are many more for those used to adjusting laser, rethreading an extruder mid-print, etc.

I’m so confused. Why would you say Easel is useless?

You can run the machine from the command line in Easel if you wish. There are also jog controls. You can also import g-code. You can also write your own apps in Javascript and run them through the Easel API.

Also if you are using the X-Carve you can turn off the Dewalt 611 when you pause it so you can make adjustments.

Also to be clear this thread is about X-Carve not Easel. With X-Carve you don’t need to run Easel. It’s running GRBL so you can use any design tool or sender you wish.

Actually…No. Easel is one of the very very few senders with a design side to it. I have Aspire. A $2000 graphics program. I use Easle as my sender. their are control programs out there that you can purchase that do everything your asking for. All you need to do is buy a new controller and a license for the program. Cheapest is about $400 to get set up. Unless you wanna go through eBay and build it yourself. Oh and they have no design side. I encourage you to check out some of he projects that have been done with Easle. I.e. @PhilJohnson’s stuff. And Easel is free.


You’ve read 150 posts… and you feel that you can make a broad stroke claim that something is useless. Seems like a bit hasty of a knee jerk reaction, no? Might want to take some time and read the forum a bit more…

oh, and you might want to consider that there are hundreds using the Easel software daily without any angst… oh sure, its not going to do what a $3k piece of software might do, but cheese and crackers dude… the software does “exactly” what it is supposed to do and is pretty much free. For someone not as advanced as others, I enjoy the simplicity that it offers.

If you feel that you are too advanced for the software, please move on and allow the rest of us to enjoy …

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