New X-Carve launched today!

@Zach_Kaplan Will there be an upgrade kit option?

For example, I’d like to know more about moving from an XC1 500x500 to a XC2 750x750.

I see this now:

That said, will there be a way to move from 500x500 to 750x750?


Totally awesome! Fishing the wires was one of the most time confusing (and frustrating steps for me)! These continual little improvements are always great too see!

Is there a closer view of the new wheel tensioners (long eccentric spacers?)? I’m assuming all eccentric nuts were replaced with the tensioners and nyloc nuts?

Can I add the Z-probe to my existing X-carve? (fully loaded 1000mm, Adruino/Gsheild)

Also is the homing switches the same as the limit switches?

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@Zach_Kaplan Can we get a little more info on what’s included in the Upgrade Kit? It shows X-Controller, Wider MakerSlide, side board and Z-probe… does that include some of the new bits-and-bobbles (the new wheel tensioners)?

The eccentric nuts were replaced by the eccentric spacers and nyloc nuts. The eccentric spacers are the tensioners. When you turn them with a wrench the wheels get tighter on the rails.

The Z-Probe will work with the X-Controller and the original X-Carve. You can’t use the Z-probe with the Aruino unless you are a ninja with electronics. We don’t have a support path for that approach but if you can hack it on your own go for it. However the original didn’t have the port for the plug so you will need to wire it manually. Also the Z-probe feature will be in Easel.


Damn, ALL the upgrades, all at once.

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Are the new eccentric spacers available in your store yet? I want everything but the X-Controller … thats why i asked what else is included in the upgrade kit :blush:

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Not yet. You would need to disassemble the whole assembly to put them on so we decided not to include them in the default upgrade.

awww man… right on the heels of me buying a lot of upgrades for my xcarve.
I should have waited… ugh! Kinda bums me out
guess I’ll need to start saving…
How long will the upgrade be offered?

Glad to see the improvements!

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Does the Z probe kit include the socket for the probe connection and the appropriate wire? I see the X carriage on my machine already has the hole for the socket.

Any idea when you’ll have them in the store? I’m only going to be adding the new Wide MakerSlide and Z-Probe… i might as well take apart my X carriage while im at it :slight_smile:

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Looking at the technical specs it appears the machines have lost some cutting capacity?

The 500mm is listed as a 250mm X250mm cutting area which = 9.84252 inches
and the 1000mm is at 750mm work area or 29.5276 inches

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My X-Carve is set to be shipped on 9/1 this week. Can I return the legacy components and swap for the new components and pay the difference? Or will I need to just purchase the new kit all together? Thanks for any info! :slight_smile:

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Is just the bigger gantry available anywhere?

Anyway I can get just the xcontroller at a discount instead of buying the upgrade kit.

Nevermind - link to individual pieces are available on the upgrade page.

What about wide makerslide for both x and y, with new end plates?

What would be the benefit?

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