New X-Carve launched today!

@PhilJohnson whoops typo on your name

Peak to peak is 44.15mm which is the same as a nominal installation of the two makerslides since the nominal spacing between the two on the current x-carve is 4.15mm. So yes

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@MartinLightheart you might have to call to order the 240V separately. We are only allowed to sell it on the website in the configurator. We aren’t permitted to compete online with their existing web channel. Selling it on its own on the website is against the distribution rules. If you call we are allowed to handle it as an exception.

@Zach_Kaplan Do we need new screws if we have one of the original machine before the tapped extrusions? I think I remember those were self tapping screws…

Not trying to nit pick but I would lean on the side of caution about reusing the old screws. Even with the rail being pre tapped those of us that used the screws to cut the threads the first time around there is a possible greater chance for the head to break off during a reinstall. I am just basing this off of past experience with other equipment with similar type screws.

New screws will probably perform better than old screws.

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Everything sounds great except for the fact that I just bought my X-Carve about 6 months ago, right before all the goodie upgrades came :confused: I could barely afford the original purchase let alone another ~400 so I guess I’ll just have to settle as is…

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One that’s really nice though, is that at least they are offering upgrade kits for older models. I own a Lulzbot Taz4, and even though it’s open and Open Source, they don’t offer upgrade kits. (I had the false asumption when I bought it that since Lulzbot touted how open it was, that it would be easily upgradable when newer models were released)

The Taz6 has autobed leveling and and an automated system to clean the nozzle. It would be nice to have that (and the other upgraded features) but Lulzbot doesn’t offer any means to upgrade a Taz4 or taz5 to a Taz6. It has an “open design” so one can tinker with it and mod it, but I’d rather buy something official from Lulzbot and get support. So it’s nice that Inventables put some thought into it and is supporting existing customers.


I’m very happy, just order an 1000mm few minutes ago, :blush: Can’t wait to start in the CNC world :slight_smile:


yes that would be ideal, that’s how i paid off the 3d printer from printrbot, but so far ive spent the limited time with my x-carve finding out that the 611 spindle is way over powered for cutting plastic and melts the crap out of most of the bits i found, the other majority of the time has been researching and ordering several different types of “plastic” cutting bits with varied levels of success. i really hope to start getting some useful stuff out of it soon so that i can do that though and start having it earn its place in the limited room i have.

@Chris1 if you are melting the plastic then it’s an issue with the combination of the bit selection, RPM setting on the DeWalt, and the feed rate.

To get you some help either:

  1. Start a new thread with some info on the bit, material, speeds and feeds, and Easel file you are trying to carve and people on the forum can try to help.

  2. Give us a call at 312-775-7009 or email and someone on our customer success team can try to help

We’re all here to help you.



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Not gonna lie, I’m a little pissed that I have had my X-Carve since Christmas last year and still cannot get it to run properly. And here, a new, better one gets rolled out. So not fair…

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I know, i kinda lost hope and motivation. Then this killer one comes out with all the bells and whistles.

Well the controller, the probe port, the bands for the belt.

I know exactly how you feel NicShimala. I was on the same boat like 8 months ago, I gave up on the machine for a while. I got tired of trying to fix a new machine. But I kept getting in the forum and the guys gave me hope again so I started to mess with it again and finally I can just turn it on, open the project and carve it out with no problems. I don’t do big jobs so I guess that really helps but I still run it at least 3 times a week. One of the mods that is definitely a must is the eccentric one with the nylon nuts. That really is a life saver on the xcarve. So don’t give up! We have a great community here and Inventables has a great customer service that are always there to help. I hope you get back on track like I did, good luck!


I have been having issues as well… cant get the x to square/true up proper… cant get the x to stop washboarding…:disappointed_relieved:

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When can we order the upgrade package!!! I want it now please

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NOW! @MichaelZawicki (if you don’t see it, then which upgrade are you talking about?)

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One of the features of the new X-Carve was something to protect the homing (used to be called limit) switches from being smashed, but I haven’t seen any details on what this is. Can anyone provide details and possibly photos?