New X-Carve launched today!

My X-Carve is set to be shipped on 9/1 this week. Can I return the legacy components and swap for the new components and pay the difference? Or will I need to just purchase the new kit all together? Thanks for any info! :slight_smile:

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Is just the bigger gantry available anywhere?

Anyway I can get just the xcontroller at a discount instead of buying the upgrade kit.

Nevermind - link to individual pieces are available on the upgrade page.

What about wide makerslide for both x and y, with new end plates?

What would be the benefit?

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Yea you can buy it individually

Call Customer Succees and they will take care of you 312-775-7009

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Following up o BrianM’s question… does the upgrade come with everything the new x-carve has? I know it lists out the four components on the upgrade detail page, but does that mean everything (belt clips, nuts etc)?

Thanks again, looking forward to it!

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I want to hear more about the smash protection for homing switches. (as do the dwindling bag of switches I have) Is that an upgradable feature as well?

That 750mm machine would have been the sweet spot for me. Great to see an additional size option!

Congratulations to Zach and the Inventables team for making great new upgrades for a already great X-Carve. Will be ordering soon.


Is there a need for new plates if wanting to eventually upgrade with the eccentric spacer option since the holes with the eccentric nuts are goofy on the existing plates?

Hmm if I waited let’s another 5 months to get it I would have gotten an xcontroller for the same price that I bought my original machine at.

I also would be interested in this upgrade. If I am going to disassemble and replace my X-Axis I would want to replace all the eccentric nuts at the same time.

Is there a timeline on when these items would be available? Love all the upgrades!

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From 2:09 in the Youtube video from the email.

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Is there anything proprietary to the eccentric spacer idea? Or will standard spacers from a variety of internet sources suffice? (IE: If i want to start the process now)

Are there any changes to the bolt length?

Is there going to be a documented “upgrade guide” for doing this if the parts themselves are not going to be part of the standard upgrade kit?


Great job on listening to the community! I plan to upgrade my gantry when the parts ship.


Nothing about the actual cutting capacity has changed. We just changed the silkscreen work area to be a little smaller. You will have some extra usable work area outside the silkscreen grid.

Depending on the position of the belt clips, people were having trouble getting all the way to the edges before.

How critical is the new sideboard? I plan on mounting the whole unit to a torsion box platfrom, and was thinking of just bolting the xController to that. Any issues with this?


The side board only helps keep things clean and organized. If you are doing something else, that is fine, but keep in mind the wiring is sized for that location.