New X-Carve on

Although the new x-axis looks nice, i would rather they start production of @BartDring automatic tool changer. Now that was cool!

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We will make the formal announcement in our newsletter. We’ll also probably tweet, blog, and post on the forum. The newsletter is the best way to make sure you don’t miss it.


We ordered a lot but I can’t guarantee there will be enough stock because our community is growing really fast and I am constantly surprised at how quickly we sell out. I get butterfly’s every time we turn on a new product.


Hey everyone. The new X-Carve launched today.


i like the new cross-rail.


Looking forward to seeing people’s before and after opinions going from old x axis(with various mods) to the new x axis.

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with a new cross-rail and stronger i can build a dual spindle.

Also ordered the maker slide.

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Why do you want to do two spindles?

Ordered straight away! :wink:

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Now comes the waiting… it’s always like Christmas waiting for a shipment from Inventables.

BTW, time and time again I am impressed by Inventables’ ability to listen to their customers and lend a hand with great support. You guys are awesome! Thanks!


I can dual cutting for projects save time and have two different size of bits.

And reduce your maximum X travel distance.

Indeed. Best option is to nail the speeds n feeds and then follow up with clean up pass.

OMG i want the new makerslide
will it be available on other store to avoid outrageous shipping cost for europe ?

Ordered!!! Any tips or suggestions on what to get familiar with before it arrives? I can’t wait to receive my new tool!

Thanks @PhilJohnson

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Also, any update on when other items like the new wiring harness, drag chain assembly, new belt clips, and maybe a kit of the eccentric spacers will be orderable?

I alreqdy got the new belt clips. They work like a charm. They do take a little more space than zipties but work much better. They hold really well.