New X-Carve Y-Axis Issue in Setup

I just started setting up my newly assembled X-Carve and testing the X, Y, and Z motors I am having an issue with the Y motors running in the opposite direction of each other. Any ideas how to fix?

it is fixed with a wiring change.

Look at both ends of the cables for the Y-axis motors — if they’re both identical, pick one cable, preferably the one which is moving in the wrong direction, select the left-most or right-most pair of wires, use a tool to pop them out, and reverse the connections left–right. (This is usually done with the Green&Black wires)

If they’re different, then I’d suggest correcting them to be the same.
If, after doing this, the motors move in reverse, you can either swap the motor connections, or change the motor direction in Grbl Settings by adjusting $3 within machine inspector

You got it. I switched the green and black wires on Y-axis1 and that fixed it. I am good to go. Thanks for the quick response.