New X-Carve!

So am I missing the thread where everyone is talking about the YouTube video Inventables Sent out this morning??? It shows all the upgrades people have been begging to see since the maker fair.

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That’s the one.

Where can I order the upgrade kit?

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My X-Carve arrived Thursday!! I haven’t even had time to take it out of the box! And today they announce a new upgraded machine??!!
Somebody up there really hates me!!! :cry:

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I’ve been all over the store. Doesn’t look like its up yet.

I hope the upgrades are ala carte, I’ve already got the X-Controller and it probably isn’t worth replacing all the motors for the permanent pulleys (though I did replace the grub screws for screws with nylon locking patches).

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@Zach_Kaplan. When will this be available?

I’ll give an update tomorrow.


Boom!!!.. (Drops the mic)…


Nice. A couple of my carves even made it into the promo video. Can’t wait for those royalties to start rolling in…


Hi G-Rock, I am with you in the same boat. I called today and the X-Carve team pulled up my order and offered 150.00 gift card toward the upgrade kit. You can email them or call. Cheers - JG

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Same thing happened to me. Mine is still in the boxes waiting for me to finish its table. Guess I will be calling. Seems like bad business to ship products days before the “newest” upgraded version is announced. Why didn’t they wait 2-3 days to ship mine and then send the newest one. Not very impressive.

I sent them an email and they offered me a choice of returning the unit for a full refund or $150 gift code! The shipping charges would kill me so I will take the gift code and buy the upgrade. Better than nothing although I am disappointed!

Having never bought a car via a website, I don’t think your analogy is revelalent. I feel the least Inventables could have done was send an email explaining that a new version was about to be released and offer me the option of waiting for the upgrade (for an upgrade price) or take the lower model at a later delivery time. I am still disappointed with the company. I have seen a tremendous amount of support here on these forums, however so I am encouraged by that aspect.

They’ve been hinting at this for over a month now. At the maker fair and half a dozen posts in this forum. With the price difference between the new version and the old one. The cost of the upgrade kit and the $150 discount. I don’t think your doing to bad. I believe the deciding factor in the release time had everything to do with getting the X-Controller (manufacturing issues) ready for market. It is the most expensive part of the upgraded machine. Every other part of this new X-Carve could be and has been done via open source products.