New XCarve Station

Hi Everyone!

I build myself a nice little home for my X-Carve and I’m starting to finish it up. Hopefully this is a nice and easy question. I realize this isn’t technically an X-Carve question, but I thought this would be the most knowledgeable source. I have a shop vac cabinet, just 4 walls of MDF that kills plenty of noise. For the exhaust, what kind of ‘vent’ do you guys recommend here? Something prefabricated? Cut some slots? A screen?

Curious what you all think.

You will defenitly need some ventalation. I have the same vac hooked to my sander and they produce a lot of heat. You may keep the noise down better if you made an addapter to fit the exaust and run it outside. Just a thought since it is enclosed and you muffled the noise if you open it up somewhere for and exaust you are going to hear it.

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I don’t really have the out-of-the-room option. I plan to just make a vent in the rear-facing wall of the cabinet, lined up with the exhaust. My question here is more along the lines of what type of vent works best? A hole? Slots? A screen of some kind?

I would just put a hole in. It is only blowing air out so i would say you don’t need a screen.