New "Y" Maker Slide End Plates

If you can pull it off you won’t look back once it is in the shop and running.

Ariel, WA

Actually it won’t cost me anything to up grade with the new maker slides and other stuff required for the build. Thanks to winning the Halloween carve contest, I’m going to use my certificate to purchase what I need. But yeah, free would be good too.

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The DXF file for Dave’s endplates is somewhere on the forums here… I made a set for myself too :wink:

Hi Eric,

I would like to have a setup like what you have in the picture with the extended end plates and aluminum bed. I have a 500mm x 500m that just came in recently.

How did you go about making the bed for your X-Carve? What are the dimensions and all.


The bed is just some Misumi extrusions I bought, each 250mm x 500mm. Same as the ones in this thread:

I had to drill some holes in my 20x20 extrusion to let some bolts through, that secure to T-nuts in the slots under the bed.

Wasn’t sure. Thanks for the verification.

Would it be ok to have the new plates cut in steel of the same thickness that the original plates are? Which are around 2.75mm or .109" thick.

I was thinking about 3mm since I can get that here.