New Z Uggg

So I bought a Z axis from but I finally got my new Nema 23 motor in and I noticed the damn screw is wobbly =( I can’t seem to win

So they are sending me a new screw, backlash nut , coupler and set screws , great customer service

this address doesn’t seem to work. brings to a domain landing page. I’d like to check this out.


is this it?

Sorry about that, it is cnc4newbie here is the one I got. I ordered from eBay.

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I also had great luck with these folks especially when they pre-drill and tap the router mounting plate for free.

Got my new screw, backlash nut and bearings, this thing works great… tested my 2.2kw spindle on it and looks like i am good to go, great product great customer service, time to kill some metal and wood =)

Question for you guys, my new screw is deffintly different than the old, is there a base parameter i need to change in grbl before i start calibrating? if this makes any sense 4 starts, 3.175turns/inch

how abou more info on your 2.2kw spindle.

Does this help in your calculations?

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i just tested weight and travel issues today, i will get more detailed in the next week, need to cut some new mounts for it.