NEWB Looking for X-Carve device decission help

Looking for some tips or suggestions on what size X-Carve I should get. What size X-Carve are you using and the common size projects you are using it for?

For the beginning, I think I will be making more toy size projects (smaller than a breadbox) but I also know that I would like to try some detailing on rocking horse I need to make. From there signs, prop making, and who knows what else. I am fascinated by the furniture pieces too.

Initially I am was thinking of the bigger the better. However is going oversized going to be worth the extra expense? If I started with the 500, are folks upgrading the rails to build a larger unit. From roaming around youtube, looks like most units that Inventables sent out to the reviewers were the 1000x1000, but the projects shown are using 1/4 of the abilities.

Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks

It boils down to 3 things:

  1. Price
  2. Space
  3. What is your goals with the system

So if you can afford a larger machine and your going to use it to do signs or larger items and you also just happen to have a large space to use it from. Then you should get a large one.


The 750mm kit looks pretty great.

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Also take into account that say the 1000x1000mm have a effective work area = about 820x800mm (IIRC)

Big as you have space for. It may start out small, but you’ll soon find things bigger that you wanna make