NEWB: Y2 motor not engaging during homing

Recently purchased a new X-Carve, set it up, and now homing. The Y2 motor does not turn. So the one side moves ahead and then I shut it off before it can hurt the machine since the other side remains stuck.
I’ve checked the wiring, appears correct, the v-wheels, which turn easily.
I’ve read the previous related posts. What else can I try…not sure of what major thing I’m missing.
Thanks in advance.

So the wiring looks like this? I might unplug them and try another plug and see if the motor works on the other plug.

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Yes, only my wires are red and black. When I switch the Y1 and Y2 cables, the Y2 motor does work! And the other doesn’t. But I have rechecked the wiring… this is what I have.

So I’m sorry, but I’m going to ask for a little clarification. On the back of the X-Controller, what your saying is that no motors will operate if they are connected into the port labeled “Y2 AXIS”, correct?

To test the port alone you could unplug all axis connectors and plug the X into Y2 to verify that the Y2 connector on the back of the X-Controller is not outputting voltage, of course you would need to use the command for a Y movement.
If this initial test does work, you can repeat the same test, using the X axis wiring on each of the other 3 plugs to verify that the Controller box is working and the results of the test would clearly identify whether the issue is internal to the X-Controller OR a Wiring/Stepper issue with the Y2.

Ok, no worries, I see what you’re saying. I swapped the other motor cables into the Y2 spot and none of them worked when plugged in there. However, the actual Y2 motor DID work when plugged into any other location, as did the remaining 3 motors.
Does that clarify what the problem could be?

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Crystal clear! The issue is definitely the x-controller and that Y2 circuit. If you haven’t already, its time to open a customer support ticket and include the conclusion of this testing of the other motors in Y2 port and the fact that Y2 motor/cable works fine in the other ports.

They may ask you to open the box and inspect the board, if so here is some guidance on that process.

But unless they end up sending a new top board only there is not much else you can do inside to make Y2 work, other than look for a damaged component… :man_shrugging:

UPDATE! So they shipped me a new controller board. The support tech I talked to on the phone was awesome. Received the part 2 days later, so I finally had chance to reinstall and get going with the first test carve. Works great! A big thank you to those who offered support here as well! I’ll be checking this forum often. :slight_smile: