Newbie Carving Issues

Hi. I am using the Linux driver on Linux Mint 18.3. Only using easel to control the cnc. I am carving a simple square pocket. The job is

  1. It appears that the cuts are getting deeper and deeper around the edges. Which led to me having to cut the machine off about 75% through the job. The outer edges we deeper than the pocket was supposed to be.
  2. After finishing a pass the machine is not retracting the bit and traveling back to the starting point. It is dragging the bit through the material. This was not much of an issue earlier in the job when the cuts were cutting at the right depths.

I made the same carve the night before on a windows 10 machine using easel as the control software and it worked perfectly.

Windows Job

Linux Job (you can see both issues in this image)

Here is a video of the machine not retracting the bit from the wood when starting a new pass.

I plan to rerun the carve tomorrow with the windows machine to see if it runs correctly.

Immediate guesses, assuming the preview looks right is that the bit is slipping, or the z axis is. I’d concentrate checking there first

I did check the collet and it was very tight. I don’t think the bit is slipping. I will double check though. Thanks for the tip.

You may be losing steps in your Z. Check your set screws on top that hold the belt sprocket to the screw that moves the machine up and down.

Ok. I will double check that this evening. Thank you for the input.

Sorry life was getting in the way. Going to try to carve here in just a bit… Tightening everything up on the machine now.

Yesterday I was able to carve correctly using linux. I was loosing steps due to loose belts and v wheels. I am making myself a checklist of things to check before each run. Thanks so much for your help.

Glad your getting it sorted!