Newbie cut settings question?

hello all!
I am going to carve my first sign this weekend for a guy at work.
since I am still kind of new to the machine I am curious what cut settings would you experts do to carve this. (feed rate/plunge rate/depth)

I’m nervous about straying from the easel recommended settings!!

the material will be a 3/4" piece of painted poplar.
figured I would use an 1/8" up cut bit.

Thank you Robert.
the down cut information is good to know!
so much learning to do!
yeah, I have to even the cut.

holy cow, adjusting the setting cut the time in half!!!

I’d use a scrap piece of the same wood first if your really not sure what your machine can handle. Get it dialed in on scrap first and make sure the cut is good and the machine isn’t chattering etc. It should be obvious if your going too fast!

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Turned out ok. Maybe too deep per pass. Bit had a little chatter and broke when it pulled up and moved to home!