Newbie - easel help

Hello everyone

I recently picked up a shapeoko 2. Easel looks easy to use so i’m starting with it
I also purchased vector magic which is great

I have a jpg that is black and white outline
I imported it into vector magic, and created a great SVG out of it

I opened up easel and imported the SVG - great
My problem is, is there a way for me to drag the entire picture to the center?
I noticed when i click to drag, it drags either a blue outline which i assume is the vector image toolpath?
Then there is a black outline left which i assume is the original
I have to drag the black outline to the center first, then drag the blue outline on top of the black outline

Is there a way i can click and drag all together?


Hi @NathanJones

You should be able to drag select to select multiple objects. Once you have them all selected, you should be able to move them all together.

To drag select, do the following:

  • click and hold in an empty spot usually top left or bottom right
  • start dragging your selection at a 45 degree angle until you have created a selection box that encompasses all the objects that you wish to select
  • release once you have completed the previous step

That should help when you are actually wanting to accomplish the task that you are requesting, but I have to wonder if what you are seeing is what you are actually wanting to cut. Is it just one main shape that you are wanting to cut or are there actually 2 parts to the shape you want to cut?

You can also select all by going to Edit -> Select All or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A (or Cmd + A on a mac).

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thank you

also, is there an option to choose which path you want to cut first, followed by 2nd, 3rd?

I commend you and your team again for the attention to detail while still maintaining Easel’s ease of use.

Unfortunately right now Easel generates tool paths only based on it’s internal rules, there is no way to specify that. If you want to cut one shape at a time, one thing you could do is select the shape(s) you don’t want to cut and set their depth to 0.

Possibly just duplicate the project, and reduce the depth of the features you don’t want cut in that step to zero, then just run the programs in order? More complex, but it might accomplish the task.