NEWBIE File Conversions HELP

I have a drawing in pdf format, that I have to convert to DXF or AUTOCAD file format so that it can be plugged into the machine to cut an acrylic sheet, I do not know how to achieve this, I would like to get some help please.


Well there is this kind of thing.

Personally I use Rhino3D, which has been around for more than a decade. It will open a PDF file. I would imagine many drawing apps would do the same these days. Then it’s a matter of saving to a different file format.

Inkscape says it can open PDF

You could save your PDF in Inkscape as an SVG which will work in Easel. It doesn’t seem like you can save it as a DXF in inkscape.

Martin,Thanks for the quick response and valuable information, I was able to convert the pdf file to dxf using Zamar that you sent it sure
made it look easy, I am using qcad/cam program, I have to import the dxf file to qcad/cam program
I would like to know what happens when I import it to the qcad program?
How would the drawing in the dxf file be converted?
This is a very new area for me.
Thanks for sending me the information, I will take part of tomorrow and
try to figure out what is going on.