Newbie here - question about maximum thickness of wood

Two quick questions - what is the thickest piece of wood I can put on the xcarve and have it cut all the way thru? For example if I am wanting to make a cutting board.
Second - what is the thickest piece of material I can put in the xcarve and engrave a logo. For example I have a customer who has a very thick cutting board that they their logo engraved.
Thank you!

I might be wrong because i do not have a stock z axes but i think you can get about 2.25" under the stock z. As far as how thick you can cut all depends on how long a bit you have. You can slide a 2" thick piece under the z but you will need a bit long enogh to go clear thru or you will need to flip it and cut from both sides which can be a bit tricky. Also welcome to the forums.

It kind of depends on the bit length and usable space under the Z axis. You can engrave with a shorter bit, but would need a long bit to cut through. I bought an amana bit that was a little extra longer with a 1/4" shank but I use that in a dedicated router jig, not the xcarve.

It looks like you have 65 mm of space, assuming the Z is above the X extrusion.

You can buy aftermarket riser plates to gain more height. They are quite handy as are the Y axis stiffeners.,What%20is%20the%20maximum%20size%20material%20that,carved%20on%20an%20X-Carve%3F&text=An%20assembled%201000mm%20x%201000mm,to%20fit%20into%20the%20machines.

2-27/32" being the clearance between the 1/2" waste board and the bottom of the x carriage, is the absolute limit on my 750 and 500 mm machines. Subtract 1/4" on the 1000mm machine because it uses a 3/4" waste board.

The practical limit is less depending on what you are trying to do. You can just barely cut through a 2" work piece, but I’d limit it to 1-3/4" and you might be able to cut a 1-1/2" deep pocket in a 2-3/4" workpiece.

The cutting length of the bit is limited to about half of the total z-axis travel, which is 4" on my 750 mm machine. Thus, if I have a bit with a 1-1/4" cutting length and can get all but the cutting edge into the collet, I could just barely lift it above a 2-3/4" work piece and engrave to the full depth, just kissing the surface with the collet.

If I had a bit with a 2" cutting length and wanted to cut through 2" stock, I’d just miss crashing the collet into the work piece, but I could probably cut through.

Yes, riser blocks etc, but, loss of rigidity in the frame of the machine and scary amounts of stick out at the spindle. I’ve been in shops where router bits were stuck out too far and shattered, and threw a lot of shrapnel and did not permanently kill anyone. I’m queasy with more than about 2" of stick-out on a router bit with a 1/4" shank. My shop is pretty well equipped and I don’t think I have any 1/4" shank bits with a total length longer than about 2-3/4" although I suppose someone makes them.