Newbie Here

Hi all, I’m Bill and I just pulled the trigger on purchasing the X Carve 1000.

I have a machining background, (about 20 years past now) but I used to write the G and C codes manually for my employer, along with set up and QC. I see that this is much easier to get started with and to work with than what I’m used to.

I just wanted to say hey and let you know that there’s a newbie bound to bother you at some point!


Congrats!!! It’s a ton of fun. Def read the forum and take your time with set up.

Take extra time

  1. squaring base
  2. belt tension
    3 v wheel belt tension

With your background you should be totally fine

I appreciate that. I’ve been scouring the forum for a few days now, trying to pick up bits and pieces of info about the machine. My biggest concern is that I don’t have internet in my shop area, so I’m working on a way to use the machine and Easel without having that connection. If not Easel, then I will look for other options.

I use easel and a program called universal g code sender. It’s UGS. This program does not require internet after download

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If you wish to manually write G-Code, then you may wish to look into using:

It’s been integrated into a couple of programs.

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Maybe down the line I’ll dust off my old G Code knowledge. For now, I just want to create stuff. I hope to start a small side income using this machine. I love woodworking and crafting of all sorts. This is just a way to elevate my game, since I can’t physically draw a straight line crooked.

If I am fortunate enough to pay off this machine one day, through my craft sales, I would love to get a good, old fashioned, honest-to-god 3-axis CNC Mill and make more than just crafty stuff. I spent almost 6 years in a machine shop, mostly self-educated as I went along. We were just getting into engraving when I left, using BOBCad of all things. I still remember prior to getting that software, how I used to spend so much time plotting and calculating the code so we could engrave our company name on products. Using an old 486 PC to move files from 3.5" floppy disks into the machines.

It was a simpler time. We got indoor plumbing shortly after that.

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I’ve got all the important parts in my possession to start building my machine. (well, I had them since Wednesday), just waiting on the drag chain at this point.

It arrived sooner than I expected and so, I’ve been assembling it in pieces, while I wait for Saturday to finish building my table to support it.

So. Excited. I haven’t been this excited to get something since I was a kid at Christmas.


Hi, there :slight_smile:
believe me - I know, what you feel.
I got my X-Carve also in two packages, and also couldn’t wait till second was delivered to finish assembling.

I’m in need of some t slot nuts to finish assembling the rails. Anyone know of a local source for them? Or am I placing an order today and waiting for delivery?