Newbie issue

I am brand new to cnc work and I bought this 1000mm used. I’ve gotten 2 carves and on my 3 rd project it can not find home and it just sits buzzing loudly. Then an error message saying to check its path. Everything looks clear. Any assistance would be super.
Thank You.

First two carved went fine I assuming. Something or wire came loose. Check all electrical and mechanical first. Are you using homing switches. One may be loose.

If all check out. Run one of the successful projects again. If it works then it maybe the project and toolpath issues. It’s a process of elimination.


Thank you. Turns out the homing switch on the router is broken! The sensor arm fell off. Thank you. So newbie much!

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@DonaldKoogler. You are welcome. If you are interested, I have many videos for the newbies to get up and running fast. Here is the link:



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