Newbie mistakes in the spoilboard

Our hero comes home with a lovely piece of MDF and decides to make a one piece spoilboard.
So decided to use 1/4" threaded inserts for hold downs, first mistake.
Decided to put in three t tracks parallel to the y axis and used the cnc to cut the grooves for them leaving about 3/16ths of an inch of spoilboard for the track to sit on, second mistake.
Drilled dogholes using the Easel app for duplicating rows of holes both for the inserts and for the dogholes. Had them all cut and neatly lined up, discovered a week later .that our hero did not notice the on center check box for the spacing of the holes so the holes all have 100mm gaps instead of being 100mm on center. Third mistake.

What I would do differently,
The table plywood top is within a mm of being flat, measured using the z axis at corners and mid points.
Next time I make a spoilboard I will use a longish router bit and flatten the plywood top of the table.
Next time I will use tnuts cut into pockets on the underside of the spoilboard, and will drill the plywood base so that holddown bolts will not bear on the table base lifting the spoilboard. Note the inserts also have raised ‘warts’ on the underside of the spoilboard making it uneven.
Leaving some MDF under the T track seemed like a good idea at the time but what happens now is this part of the spoilboard pretty much stays put if I over tighten the hold downs raisng the spoilboard.
The track is great but has created a low spot.
Not really a mistake but something I could have done better is to have my dogholes and inserts on my vertical table line up with the .fittings on the horizontal table.
OH well it will probably be a year before I can make time for a new spoilboard so will just have to live with the one that brung me to the dance.
Hope this helps any newbies avoid mistakes that this newbie made…,

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