Newbie needing help!

Hi I’m trying to cut out this name using 1/4 mdf but can’t get it cut all the way. I’m using a 1/8 endmill. Any advice will be helpful!! Thank you

What’s the mdf thickness and what did you set the cut depth to in Easel? I don’t use Easel but have drawn with it a bit. Is the router bit cutter length capable of cutting to the depth that you set it to?

Hi MartinW.Mcclary and thanks so much. The mdf thickness is 1/4 and the depth is 0.127

Your.127" is the cut per pass. How many passes is it taking?

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When you click on the object to be cut, it’ll highlight it and you’ll see a popup box with a slider. You should adjust the slider so that the cut area is deeper than the thickness of the material. So you need to enter the material thickness in one location and the material choice and depth of cut in another location…two different entries.

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Good morning! This picture is how I got it set.

If you measure the MDF with an accurate devise, how thick is it. Did you delete the .23 out and replace it with say. 25"? You might need to change your depth per pass too.

What do your cut settings look like?
cut settings

I used a caliper and it is 0.24. Let me try this and see what happens. Thank you!!

Hey I’m excited! I increased the depth by 2 and manually added the bit setting. I was using the bits it cut all the way through but broke. Lol I think because I made the letters three inches and using 1/8 but now I know what to do. Thank you again for your help

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