Newbie Not sure on what i'm doing wrong

Hello. I’ve done several projects, some come out good but others like this one not so good. The wood chips away while carving details. I’ve worked pine and poplar. Is that the wood or is the machine speed or bit? Thank you!

A little bit of both, share your project

By saying:

I think that Ken’s asking that you share the easel project link.

In Easel Go to Project>Share > Change it to “unlisted” and copy that link > then paste the link over here.

carving a detailed design like that as deep as this example has been carved will result in tall thin walls and this is why you are seeing wall breakage.

The natural strength of wood must be taken into consideration when carving real wood. it is strongest in-line with the grain, so carving Tall, thin walls into Face or Edge grain of wood creates the weakest possible wall. Doing that in END grain will leave a much stronger bond for the thin, tall walls, but often sourcing Endgrain is difficult would often require the end user to make end grain by cutting and gluing up their own panels… which can be a lot of added labor.

So with the option of Using EndGrain likely out of the picture, I would suggest either making the carves not so deep (1-2mm max depth) OR using a bit that will allow the wall to slope to a wider angle at the base, such as a 90 degree Vbit.

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I’m personally realizing that this option usually creates a better looking product in the end. Deep steep cuts can lose some of their pizazz compared to how they look on the computer. But v-bit cuts tend to look better than their digital counterparts.


And, you can get way better corner details with a V-Bit than with a regular endmill…:slight_smile:


Brandon Parker


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