Newbie ! PC cant find 3018

Hi Guy, i’m trying to connect my Laptop/3018 Have input correct Com port but won’t connect. Any ideas ?

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Is your Baud Rate 115200?

Hi i am having same problems i can move x y and z axis but when i go to connect my 3018 machine it will not connect to easel

Disconnect whatever you’re using to move the axes.

I am having no problems moving the x , y and z axis and setting them up it is just when you come to the bit where you have the job ready to carve it then asks for all the details of my machine which is a bangood 3018 which i enter in then it comes up with the screen where it says connecting and it just sits there doing nothing.

How are you moving the axes? Through Easel?

Yes . So i design job then go on to machine and insert my machine details i click on the set up your machine blue tab i then enter the details for my machine and then click on the confirm settings then it comes up with tab connecting to other (GRBL) and just sits there trying to connect to my machine

I don’t use Easel, but this confuses me. If you can jog the axes, you’re connected. I’m sorry I’m unable to help more.

If you are connected with Easel, and can jog the machine - it is not required/correct to insert your machine details via Easel setup because it dont know the 3018 specifics.

In Easel, connect your CNC and open Machine Inspector (MI) - can you do that?
In Easel, press CTRL+SHIFT+D to open MI, in the small Console window type $$ and press *Enter.

What happens then?

Hi what program do you use please

Fusion 360
My students use Easel to generate toolpaths for simple cuts.

Mostly Fusion 360

Gcode Sender UI (I think this is what you’re asking about):
Mostly CNCjs
infrequently bCNC