Newbie question, powering the spindle?

I’m finishing up wiring the X-Carve and I’m a bit confused that the spindle (router) doesn’t connect to the X-controller. Also, I’m a bit disappointed that there isn’t a quick start tutorial anywhere, at least I couldn’t find one… So my question is when I go to run it for the first time, do I have to manually turn on the spindle and set the RPM? Then press “go” on the controller and then it will do the rest? I’m assuming this is the way I’m supposed to run it. Any help is appreciated.


That would be exactly what you need to do. Might keep the router set on 1.


I’ve never moved the router from the 1 speed setting.

And wish I was smart enough to ask this question when doing my first carves.

The last thing it asks before carving is if the router is on … and I thought that sure it’s on the machine … then I hit carve and it snapped the bit when it pushed the non-running router bit into the wood.

Ohhhhhhh … you’re really asking if it’s powered on. Gotcha.

I know from a different thread that they are working on some tutorials. Best advice for now is to experiment, read this board and watch the “paw paws workshop” videos about the x carve on YouTube. He has some that are just on the basics of setting the x, y work zero, etc. that helped me a lot.

Thank you, very helpful. What output lines do I use on the X-controller to control the relay?

As they say, A picture is worth a thousand words.

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Perfect, Thanks!

Is that just normal electric wire making the connections from the X controller to the new box?

What two things do you have plugged into it? A vacuum?

Its bell wire that I had laying around.
I really don’t know the gage, (18???) but all your doing is sending a signal to the relay.
I have the spindle and dust collector plugged in.

Very cool. Will be ordering!

works great!