Newbie question

I just finished building my X-Carve (Took me a day and a half!) and I am trying my first cuts now. I am making a mold based on a design I made with Sketchup. I managed to convert the file to SVG, the machine seems to be working perfectly, but Easel is doing strange things with my file. The cutting bit is moving in tiny rectangles and triangles, and most of the time it is just cutting air. This machine is supposed to be able to cut in 3 dimensions, but so far everything is on the same level. It seems to be treating every line in the file as part of the tool path.

This is supposed to be for my hydrofoil project. I intend to make hydrofoil molds and then use those to make the hydrofoils out of carbon fiber composites.

Is there a way to modify the SVG file so it doesn’t take forever? Or do I have to upgrade my software?

So basically, I bought the X-Carve to cut 3 dimensional shapes. What Easel seems to do is cut a 2 dimensional pattern to a specified, set depth. How do I get the three dimensional contours of my hydrofoil?

Easel is great for 2D cuts, but for cutting 3D contours you are going to need additional software. You need software that can generate 3D toolpaths and then can export the GCODE for the toolpath through a post processor that will make sure the GCODE is compatible with the GRLB controller.

If you can convert your design into an STL file then software like Vcarve Desktop or Vcarve Pro of Cut3D from Vectric can create the necessary toolpaths and Gcode. Programs like MeshCam from GRZSoftware can also do it.

If you want to design 3D shapes in the software then you are going to need CAD/CAM like Aspire or Fusion 360 or ArtCam.

Once you are able to generate the correct Gcode then you can import that into Easel or you can use a Gcode Sender like UGS

Please explore this forum, there are thousands of posts talking about the different software packages and how to best use them with the Xcarve.


MeshCAM seems to be the best balance of simple and powerful 3D CAM.