Newbies must read! Maybe some more advance peeps as well

First of all, thank you to Inventables for bringing us all machine that can take our imaginations into reality. With my busy schedule I have neither the time or the ability to produce manually what I can now do.
Second, what a community of makers this is. Without the input of the people on here my machine would still be stuck in a 2D world based on the limitations of Easel. This forum has been a life saver in learning software tricks for Inkspace, ArtCAM, Fusion 360, etc. As well as learning the basics and some advance topics in CAM. If you asked me a year ago what a plunge rate for a 1/32 2 flute downcut in plywood wood be, I would have looked at you like you were smoking a peace pipe!

That being said, just like any community finding newby information in a quick and concise manner is never easy, just because sometimes you do not know how to ask the right question, or use the right terminology to stumble on your answer.
This just happened to me while I was trying to create a new tool in ArtCAM and I could not believe the amount of concise information contained within this wiki. Anyway enough of my babble here is a link to the site. Hope you enjoy and find it as useful I am in learning this new to me technology.

Material cut speeds/depth

Here is a pic of a gift to a friend and would not have been possible without this machine!