Newby needs help

hello, i’m super new at this and am having an issue with what I’m exporting from easel being cut differently on my router. As you can see from the images below, I want the body of the dolphin to be cut out, but for some reason my machine is cutting the outline instead. I’m using a 3018 pro cnc with the grbl candle software that came with it. Anyone know whats up?

Looks like you’re running the detail toolpath with the roughing tool.


Ok, the design needs 2 passes, the 1/8th bit for the roughing pass and a 1/16th for the detail. For the dolphin, click on the fin outline and a label will appear on the right that shows the Shape and Cut of the selection. At the bottom you can choose the cut path. It should read ‘Clear out a pocket’ instead of ‘Cut on shape path’, which it looks like it is doing now. There’s likely some more fixing like this to do, but you are well on your way, good luck!