Newby problem. I am wondering what is the ideal cut depth for text on solid wood?

I am a newby. Sorry for the simple question. I am cutting some small script text into a piece of solid wood. What is the ideal cut depth for the text?
Thanks in advance.

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@SteveDryer, what are you planning on doing with the text? Fill it with resin, V-Carve, nothing or paint?

Hi Steve.
Thats not the easiest question to give a straightforward answer…

It’s going to vary based on material, size and desired look. If the design has thin walls, keeping them short will help prevent chipout, but also using a vbit will also help, as it tapers the walls, giving it a stronger base…

Then theres also desired looks.

Ultimately, it depends and I dont have a specific go-to for every project, it varies constantly.

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