Next step to cutting

Now that I have on the screen an image of what I would like to try and cut/engrave, what is the next step in the process to getting it to my router? And remember I am in Pre-School when it comes to this process. Thank you.

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share what you’re doing, we are not mind readers.

Yesterday was my first day working with this process, so I do not know how to print/copy/share my design. I probably will not remember tomorrow what I did today.

go to projects dropdown, at bottom is share. you want UNLISTED

Okay. That is done. Now how do I get it to my thumb drive or micro SD card to take it to the cutter/router?

you will need to download it to pc and put it on a disk

Do I use the Download G-Code or (ZIP) or both?

more than one page, the zip

single tool path G-code

You need to select download gcode

If there are multipe bits then the lines will change to 3 options for downloading the gcode… but those 3 lines will still contain the text “download gcode…”

BUT selecting download project (zip) results in a file containing on the design as a .svg to be downloaded and you wont have the gcode file needed

Is there a way I can choose to save these designs to a specific folder or will it only go to my designated internet save folder?

Ok. The file is saved. I had to use the ZIP format because I have a rough and finish cut. Folder was unzipped and files extracted. Now do I move it to the SD card then to the CNC?


I have the programs on the SD card. Inserted it into the Offline Controller. Played with it a bit until I got the CNC to “trace” the design. By “trace” I mean it went trough the x and y axis measurements to see if it would fit. But when I press send on the controller it will go left and right but the spindle did not activate the bit to spin. What did I do wrong?

In Easel you’d need to ensure the proper spindle options were setup. this setup should have been performed during the new machine setup process. However these settings can be updated by going to Machine>Edit Machine.
For the 60w Spindle (the default one on the base masuter) you’d need to select “Hardware” for spindle control and “Other” for the Spindle type and a default RPM of 10,000.

Okay. I now have the spindle working. But the bit is about an inch above my substrate (sample wood). Do I need to change the height of the Z-Probe?

And how high above my substrate should the bit be before I start the program?

check probe thickness and general setting

I was able to play with it some and got it almost where I want it.

Next question would be, is there any way of pausing the carving, turning the machine off, then restarting at a later time at the same point the carving was stopped/paused? Or pausing the carving and having the spindle stop while paused?

Another question. How do the different layers work? Meaning, does the machine cut the different depths starting at the shallowest progressing to the deepest or does it go in order of the segments? Example: the word FIRE set at .125" depth, with a rectangle around it set at 0.0" depth and the spaces between set at .385" depth and an offset set at .85". Can I have it do the spaces first, rectangle second and FIRE third then the offset last? or will it do Rectangle, FIRE, spaces then offset. Or can I set the order any way I way to?