Next to purchase?

I haven’t even got my 1000mm X Carve in yet and I’m already trying to figure out what to spend this $100 from Inventables. I juat got all the basics with the dust collectuon and basic bit set. Any others i should buy? Any ideas?

Great advice :+1:

Should be enough to pay for enough MakerSlide for an 1800mm upgrade, and what better time to do that than before assembling the machine :wink:

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LOL you guys forget, I’m still at basics. Gotta get my feet wet before I jump in the ocean

Wouldn’t the X carve I just purchased come with all these upgrades?

The Xcontroller is standard now so no need to worry about that.

I’d look into potentially materials, bits, extra/spare parts if machine uptime is a concern (mainly belts), clamp set if you didn’t get one in your machine purchase,

That’s what I was wondering, does it need upgrades slides also?

I have plenty material, bought 500 board feet of black walnut and 600 board foot of curly maple last year, I do a lot of cutting boards. So I always have material laying around.

I’m thinking it will go on bits. Bits Bits Bits

No. Unless you want a size upgrade but the standard size is fine to start with.

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Thank you