Nico's Quick-release toggle clamp for X-Carve

So I was looking for a quick and easy clamp that be set and released pretty fast. The standard clampdowns are ok, but i’ve had issues with clearance and speed. Nothings perfect, but when i’m running through jobs, i spend alot of time just clamping and unclamping.

So looking around i found some small toggle clamps and decided to make my own quick-release toggle clamps. Pretty simple but works pretty well. You can mount it horizontaly, vertically or diagonally and it’ll slide back and forth (going to get some wing-nuts for a tool-less material change. Anyway, here’s a couple pictures and links to the toggles and my easel design.

The screws are recessed into the bottom and nylon-bolts are used on top. i’m probably going to redesign it so it’s a little “fatter” on the opposite of the clamp head to counteract some of the torsion. Anyway, let me know what y’all think and i’ll make some changes. I used M4 flat head countersunk bolts and 3/4 inch wood(1/2 would probably be better but i have a ton of 3/4 laying around after building my workshop). You can change the “depth” of the mounting plate depending on how much clearance you need for the clamps.

Just got my Dewalt 611 up and running, aside from tons of dust (even with air diverter), it’s crazy fast. I was cutting at 100in at 0.1". Which would’ve blown my quiet cut spindle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I started at 20in/m and kept increasing it. Insane. I was using a four flute cutter, i have a two flute that might be better suited for fast cutting in soft wood. Anyway, finally get to start using the CNC versus spending months just getting it working :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Easel Toggle Clamp Mount

Here are the toggles, $5 for 4!!!


Ok, i set it to shared/public.


Those clamps and your mounting idea is great. I just ordered a set. Thanks for posting.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!