Nightmare Before Christmas Light Box with the X Carve!

This is my first project post here on Inventables! I used the X-Carve for some pieces of this project.

Check out my Youtube video showing the whole build!


Really cool project. How did you find the center points on the cylinder where to drill the holes?

Hey mike, I had a board with two perpendicular lines, then I used a compass to draw a circle from that intersection the same size of the cylinder. Use the lines to square up on opposite ends.

I think that makes sense, haha.

I like that I will have to watch the video after work

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I think I got it. Thanks!

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What kind of welding rig do you have (simple welding is one of this things I want add to my skill set)
I really like your “paint in the hole” trick to mark the matching drill holes on the cover :slight_smile:

Hey Aaron, thanks for watching! That welding rig is a simple as they come. Its a harbor freight 120 volt welder.
Its a good entry level unit for welding thinner materials… It is a wire feed, so its pretty easy to do. I was a little frustrated at first trying to get the hang of it, but i think i finally understand a little! Youtube was a good teacher!

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