No 3D preview (solved)

I’m currently having issues relating to the lack of 3D previews since the maintaince of Easle a couple of weeks back and upgrading to Pro.

I’m using Google Chrome (webGL is enabled) on a MacBook air and have been generating tool paths and previews with no issues untill the latest maintenance.
I’ve been fine with the projects that just require slight changes but I’m starting to create new projects that I’m reluctant to carve because I can’t see the preview.

Has anybody got any ideas what could be causing this issue?

Many thanks,

(If this is in the wrong forum please feel free to move it)

Hi @DeanWood - if you haven’t already, reach out to our Customer Success team so they can look into it.

Hi Jessie, I’ve just emailed them thank you.

I was just wondering if the community has any ideas before I bothered support :grinning:

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Sorry to double post but I’ve completely uninstalled chrome and reinstalled it, this has fixed the issues I’ve been having with previewing my projects and tool paths.

Many thanks,