No bolts for front belt brackets?

Just received all my parts on Wednesday and started assembling the 1000mm x carve. I’m up to the belt tension part. It says to use the m5 x 8 and the m5 x 25 for the adjustable end, but only the one m5 x 8 down into the makerslide for the other end. Why no horizontal bolt through the hole that’s already there in the end bracket? Seems pretty obvious to keep it from sliding from the belt tension…

The M5 x 8 is plenty to keep it in place. It will not move on you.

Thanks. Just wasn’t sure. Seemed like an obvious backup bolt, but wasn’t sure. Thanks for the help!

I don’t remember seeing a step for cutting the excess belt off either. But I had to stop for the night. I’ll double check the instructions.

any link to that 9mm kit? may look into that at some point down the road.

Thought you were referring to a 9mm belt kit?