No carve feature?

Hey everyone.

So do we know of any kind of feature in which we can mark an object as “No carve”? Similar to a defpoints in Autocad, where you would use shapes/lines that you didn’t necessarily want on the final plot?

Similarly, let’s say you stop a carve before it’s complete and shut it down for the night. Is there a way to tell the machine the next morning to skip (or No Carve) that object vs starting from scratch?

Thanks all!


Sure thing, you can currently do that like this: set the depth to 0 and send the design element to the back (Right click > Send to back)

Similarly with the starting a next day partially complete carve concept you can select the design elements and set the depth to 0 (or just delete them) . . . OR cover them up with a shape that is set to 0 depth. .
HOWEVER sometimes there are clean-up moves at the end so this option isn’t always the best option for your specific example because those clean up moves will also be omitted.

Thanks Seth! I did something similar last night as a bypass, but just wondering if there was an actual command I wasn’t seeing.

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