No "Fill" Option on my easel pro

Please Help…

I am new to Easel and Easel Pro. I have had my machine for almost a year. I still cannot figure out how to cut out items properly. I have been watching a LOT of youtube vidoes from inventables and nothing is helping. Feels like I am just missing something on the program.

Also, when i open and then copy a project done on easel, i cannot “edit” anything. I wanted to use someone elses last name sign and change the last name on it. VERY FRUSTRATED. Please help!! Thank you

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Can you share the file? we will help you. If you are working from a previously combined file you will need to block out or remove the name by editing the nodes or covering it up with a box set to zero depth. Then you will need put your new name in that space.

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Hello Reggie,
The first page is what Steve is describing when he says working from a previously combined file. I created the first page in a different program and imported it into Easel. So you cannot edit the text. The last page was created in Easel except for the hearts so you can edit that text.

Good Luck

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